Preparing for your 2hours of stardom!

You are on your way to having some awesome photos of yourself uninhibited, sexy, glamorous and empowering but what do you wear? Well, this section gives you some great ideas! Bring along a suitcase crammed with your favourite undies, nightwear, killer heels, and accessories. If you get stuck, we have accessories to help you out.

Arrive at our studio with your hair squeaky clean and already dressed or even in rollers. Your makeup artist will apply your makeup a little heavier than usual, but it will be great for the camera and our lights which make ordinary makeup look too pale and washed out.

Don’t forget accessories! Earrings, necklaces, gloves, designer bags (fake or real), watches, stockings, hold ups, garters, lace face masks, handcuffs.

Goths, Steampunks, LGBT — dress up like you’ve never before, bring your finest, we love outrageous!

Please note, sensual, sexy, even nude (if you wish). No sexually explicit or porn. Thank you very much!

— Curated by Eileen

The Monroe Look

Marilyn was asked what she wore in bed, she answered ‘Chanel N°5’. You could wear a white basque, bra and knickers or just the perfume of your choice.

Oversized Sweaters

Subtle and sexy, a large jumper that you can cuddle up. Show a cool shoulder and cover up but expose those thighs. Can also add over knee socks. Holdups or boots. Again, this is also good for extra curvies.

His Shirt

For a cute and very sexy Boudoir outfit that is great for all girls, especially extra curvies, take a very large one coloured shirt and tie it up. Looks good with underwear, one pieces, swimsuits or shorts, which is also good idea if you are not quite ready to undress.

Oversized Coat

Look through your wardrobe and find a sexy coat. Wear it along with your favourite killer heels. You will get a very mysterious image. Your James or Jane Bond will imagine that you enter the office in only a coat and high heels. Great for extra curvies.


You may not be a Victoria Secret model, but you can look amazing in a nightgown — silk, satin, mysterious, attractive and sexy. Tip: make sure it’s ironed.

Lacy high waisted knickers

Implement cute Boudoir ideas for a memorable shot by wearing a lacy bra and high waisted knickers. To complete this outrageous image, we will add vampire red lipstick.

Shirt of His Favourite Team

T-Shirt of his favourite team. Let’s face it, you’re the team captain and your partner will love these photos.


The classic boudoir wear, they fit and enhance any figure, especially extra curvy plus sizes. You can add different accessories, clothing, stockings, scarfs and shawls to change the look.

Animal Prints

Grr — you’re gonna make him ROAR. Those sexy animal prints on throws, dresses, bikinis, swimwear and underwear will bring out your wild side!

Plunge Bra

Look drop dead gorgeous and flaunt those fabulous curves. Wear with the briefest of knickers or high waisted shorts. Kick the competition into submission.

Wedding Viel

With my body, I thee honour.

Steal a glance at those curves through a misty veil. A brilliant memory of a precious day either to come or years ago.

The LBD (Little Black Dress)

A classic of all time silk, vinyl, leather, see-through or not, full-length or tight or tiny and very sexy. Throw a long string of pearls down your back.

See-through Bodysuit

Sexy see-through bodies add a mystery that will be set your partner on fire. Some of our favourites are from and

Check Shirt

One of the cutest ideas is to replicate the style of a country girl — wear with a bodysuit or bra + knickers, team with cowboy boots. If you’ve got a ten-gallon hat (Stetson) bring that along too. Yeehaw!

Blue Denim Jeans

Cute + sexy jeans are incredible Boudoir attire. Cover your boobs with your hands and turn your head away for a subtle erotic look.

Leather Jacket

Hell’s angel or devil? The biker jacket with tight jeans, knickers or black leggings will hit the spot! Wear a bra? Nah — let him guess.


Look lovely in lace. Lace gives that peekaboo — now you see it, now you don’t look. Bras, knickers, shirts, shawls, beach, coverups are great to team with it.

Fashion Shades

Refined, sophisticated, fun and bold — dig out those holiday shades. Join the A-listers and add zest to your style.

Push Up and Plunge Bras

Add shape to those delicious curves in red, black or white. Team with diamonds darling — well fake ones will be fine.


Cool and business-like a blazer will compliment the sexy image. Even big-mans jacket or a trench coat and outwear look stylish worn over lingerie.

Killer Heels

Those killer heels make your legs slimmer and longer — look taller and more empowered. Ok, they hurt but gal you ain’t gonna be walking anywhere.


Sparkly sequin dress, skirt or shirt — those twinkles will make you look sooo sophisticated — team with heels, earrings, necklaces, feathers, furs and leather.

Look Like Dita

Copy one of our favourite icons. Dita’s corsets, gloves and whip are awesome.


Our curvy girls look beautiful in a swimsuit with tummy control. Dressed up with a lace cover-up — those tummy rolls just disappear. For accessories, wear long necklaces, big earrings, shades, and big hats.