New-borns! Tiny, wrinkled and totally reliant on you. That special new-borns look is lost within the first 3 weeks of life, so it is important that you make your appointment with us straight after birth, As tiny babies are curled to the shape of the womb, they can be gently posed to create the most


Nothing can show the tenderness and love you have for your baby as much as a portrait of yourself with your child. From around 3 months old your baby is awake longer and certainly more aware, they just want to be picked up and cuddled. Mums: Wear make-up if you choose, plain clothing that co-ordinates


Little ladies up to nine years old can join the fantasy world as they dress up like a fairy for a 30-minute photoshoot. With a choice of outfits to choose from, sprites in the making can pull some poses in front of a magical backdrop before taking home their favourite image on a mug


Our futuristic backdrop has played scene to many battles by boys and girls aged 3 - 9 years. All superhero's are welcome are welcome but please ensure the outfit is in a good state of repair. Whilst at the studio your superhero will have a jam packed time running, jumping, growling and being super strong.


Never had a good picture before? Well now is your chance. At Eileen Mason Photography - we offer you a personal service; your shoot will be an event bringing together our make-up artist, photographer and digital artist, all working together to bring out the best in you. Our photographers will make you look and


Think carefully about what you will be wearing during your shoot, as well as your sports or hobbies and your job all define who you are and this is a great was to create an individual portrait by incorporating something unique about yourself within your shoot! Bring along props too such as your laptop, mobile


There is nothing that says more about a couple than a portrait! A celebration of your union to last a lifetime, personalise your home with a stylish, striking and contemporary portrait that says who you are. You don’t need a special occasion to celebrate your life together, just being together is special. Your portrait should


KIDS Our kids shoots are always relaxed, fun and informal! So we can get the best natural photos from your shoot. CLOTHING We advise that you dress your children quite simply, a thing to remember is to try and co-ordinate your children’s clothes with the room where you will hang your portrait. For


We all love our pets and they are a treasured member of the family, so why not have a portrait capturing your four-legged friend that will last a life-time. The photographer will capture the best out of you and your pet. At Eileen Mason we love to get the family pets involved in our family photoshoots, as well


YOUR PERSONALISED SHOOT! A portrait is a very personal statement, its about yourself and should capture your essential character , therefore it is important to think about the clothes that you will be wearing during your shoot! Plain shirts, jeans and chinos look great, also have a think about bringing your own props and accessories